Saturday morning, weather forecast couldn’t be better.

Status both me and Ramon: A triple decker stress sandwich.



Traffic: Hell.

Time of arrival: About a hundred days away.



But when we finally arrived…..


We were both like two bunnies, hopping around of excitement.



I took some more shots, while Ramon was taking care of business.






Ramon kind of hoped we could take it for a short drive when we got back, but once we were, we were absolutely pooped. From 9.30 hours to 19.00 hours we’ve been on the road, picking up a rented trailer, loading, unloading, and returning the trailer again. It was a long-loooooong day; but what a day it was!!!



When our old Russian lady was stored in the garage, we just stood and stared at it for a while. What a beauty…. We looked at each other and smiled, both thinking the same thing. ‘Shall I get our airbed and some blankets, and we just sleep here for the night? That way we can stare at her until our eyes become too tired.’ There was a spark of doubt in his eyes, but then comfort and mind took over matter, and with a deep sigh he closed the garage door. ‘No, we’ll see her in the morning, let’s crash on the couch and have some dinner.’


Sunday morning, weather forecast sunny and warm.

Status both me and Ramon: Extremely excited and a bit nervous.

Traffic: I don’t remember…. We were the only ones on whole planet earth to my memory…

Time of arrival: Having fun to the max, time doesn’t exist.



Ramon rolled her out of the garage, put on his awesome coat, and kick started her in one go. ‘Are you ready?’ he asked me.

I don’t think I couldn’t have responded any more quicker than I did. By the time he said the word ‘ready’, I was already in the sidecar, jacked zipped, helmet on, and hands tight on the bar.

‘Let’s goooooo!!!!’



Oh my God, what a wonderful day it was!!! I have laughed so hard, my belly is still tight. And off course I couldn’t help but cry of happiness. It was amazing! Together with Ramon riding a bike that makes almost everybody turn their heads with a smile. And all I could think, was ‘Yeah people! That’s mine! That’s my gorgeous husband in an awesome coat you’re looking at, taking me on his awesome bike.’



Bucket list item scratched with success!! With great anticipation I am looking forward to many more rides together, and with the doggies.