Something you will never hear me say, is that I am good at improvising, just as I really cannot multi task.

But somehow these last few days went wonderfully, even though nothing turned out as I planned. It almost seemed like I am starting to get good at it… almost…..

I still want to have everything completed at the end of the day, and though I would definitely want to try, I know I will have to keep little Miss Eagerton inside.

Sunday I went to the gym again. My expectations were limited. If I was lucky, I would train at the same rate as last week, and I had no remote feeling of being able to score an PR, even though they are very easy to gain at the moment. But to be sensible…. again, no showing of little Miss Eagerton.



And even though I kept her tucked in the box, I kind of amazed myself, and my father, how easy some of the exercises were accomplished. So I opened the box, and grabbed a finger of Miss Eagerton, and felt like Wonder woman herself. When my dad prepared a cable exercise, I smiled my biggest smile when my eye spotted the Superhero logo of Wonder woman in the gym equipment. This must be a sign….

Too bad Monday was a severe recovery day. Not what I had in mind at all. I had so many plans. But the only thing I was able to do was to rest, and go to the vet in the evening to get Malha her last vaccine, and get Kuzco his forgotten stich removed. I must say I was a little disappointed when there was no red carpet rolled out, and no petals thrown at us when we entered the vet’s doorway. We have donated our whole month’s salary by now, for Pete’s sake!



Tuesday Ramon was home for Kuzco his grooming date. Again, I had all sorts of plans what to do when we dropped Kuzco off, but nothing of a sort came to it. Instead, we had a wonderful busy but fun time.



First Malha got her little introduction to the scissors, and the grooming table, before it was Kuzco’s turn.



Then we went shopping at some garden centers with Malha to socialize her with new things, especially not to eat every leaf or flower at her height, and see the bunnies and all the other small animals. Just like Kuzco, she had her first ‘cappuccino’ at the coffee bar, which she loved off course.



And when we picked up Kuzco again, we went to the park to play some ‘Rugby’ with Kuzco,



and practice some basic commands with Malha. It felt like a Sunday Funday.





That feeling simmered until the next morning, and I had all sorts of wonderful plans what to do that day. But it brutally ended when I spotted a tiny little flea having a jolly good time on Malha her leg. I totally freaked out. Everything started to itch immediately, and I jumped up to give everybody their flea and tick treatment, even though it was a little early than necessary, and rushed to the vet to get Malha her first one as well. Again, no petals….

Thank God I could only find the one, but like a manic I cleaned the entire house, and washed everything that had even the tiniest piece of fabric. I said little prayers to San Superman, and petted our dryer and whispered words of love so he wouldn’t fail on me as he is breathing his almost final breath. But he made it through! At the end of the day, everybody had their bath and flea treatment done, the house sparkled, everything was clean, smelled lovely, was washed, dried and ironed or otherwise thrown away. I don’t want to risk having a family of fleas, thank you very much.

So today I thought I would do the things I wanted to do yesterday before mister flea showed his beloved circus-act. I was well on my way, until I decided to go to the park with Kuzco and Malha to exhaust them, so I could do some quick groceries before I would settle myself to draw. I walked into the lady who owns the Tearoom in the park. I joined her in her walk to feed the birds, and together with her two German Sheppard’s we strolled along.



She asked me to join her for a cup of coffee on her terrace. And while the dogs played with Malha, and Kuzco was being his handsome self, waiting in a bed of flowers when I would be done so I could play with him, I had the most lovely afternoon. I have decided to draw her dogs, so I made some pictures while we talked and drank our coffee. Again, it was a day not as planned, but I loved it none the less. I was exhausted. So the rest of the afternoon I rested with my furry babies.



And while I rested, I couldn’t help but think back on Sunday. The W shape of the cable grip curl bar that made me think of Wonder woman, was a sign! A sign I would have a wonderful couple of days feeling happy while nothing went as it should be, and that it reminded me I would wear my Wonder woman t-shirt today, so I could make a selfie with my little sleepy superhero girl.



I wonder if I can stick to my plan tomorrow, and go draw. Maybe the two German Sheppard’s first, and then finish my story drawings. Who know’s….