Confession Tuesday;

I have a bad case of telephone phobia. I’m embarrassed to say, but I really have. And the last few weeks it had become worse again. I hate to call someone on the phone. Whether it is a friend, family, or an official call, I will postpone it to the very last moment. And when I finally get myself to dial the number, sweat pores out from even the strangest parts of my body. Parts you probably didn’t even know could sweat. When the person on the other side answers, I get a hot flash, and stumble over my words. And that’s just only the ‘hello’ part.

Ramon helped me face my problem, to let me make every call there was to make. When it was an important call, we made an sticky-note, and even did role playing games to practice my stuttering and persistency. And it worked. I still hated it, but when there was a call to make, I called.

But like I said, the last few week it’s gotten worse again. And the only way to overcome fear is to recognize it and then just act on it. So today I made some phone calls to some companies and the hospital. I didn’t stumble, and barely stuttered, only had juicy armpits this time. But that made my ‘Eye of the Tiger’- dance look even more convincing, when I hung up the last call. As stupid as it may sound to normal people, I was pretty damn proud of myself today. So it’s only a matter of time I will make a random call, and just say; …..same as we do every night Pinky, we try to take over the world!!!