I’m awfully tired today. Had great plans, but had to revise them when midday arrived. But something was high on my to-do list. I wanted to shop for a brown leather belt for Ramon, and so I did. Ever since I said that the only thing missing in his old school being a gentleman, is a handkerchief, he smiled. But later that night he Googled gentleman style, and came across Gentleman’s Gazette on YouTube, and he became so enthusiastic about it, he now is adamant to dress accordingly. I love it. I have always loved Ramon using etiquettes like holding the door for me, any door that is. And how he helps me put on my coat when we leave an establishment. That makes me feel like Ingrid Bergman, or Doris Day, and I devour the old movies they played in. So to start at something simple and relatively inexpensive, I wanted to buy him a brown leather belt to match his new brown leather shoes. Next will be the handkerchief, and a cheaper version than the suggested sock to ware according to the Gentleman’s Gazette.

joyce kleine