Today I got mail.

Uhmmm, wrongly said…. off course I get mail, I get lots and lots of mail. But they mostly consists of bills to be payed, advertisement, extremely pushy advertisement, website notifications, and occasionally some friends or family mail.

But this particular kind of mail I received today, is the one that makes my skin tingle up to my hair, and every muscle fiber tense up from extreme happiness. Normally accompanied by bursts of high pitched laughter and loud clapping of hands.

As did all happen.

I just couldn’t believe they really finished and published an interview of little ol me.




I already experienced so much fun answering the questions for the opportunity to become dogs of the week with Kuzco and Malha, and share my over enthusiastic appreciation on how we got to purchase our beautiful Hiro and Wolf set, and in the meantime show my love for my furry friends by sending a link to the website.

Never ever in my life did I expect such high praising, and the opportunity given to be promoted on their website with an extended version of the questions already asked for their ‘Dogs of the Week’ section.



When I read the email, I had to read it again. Then I opened the link to the published version, and I got chills down my spine. It is funny-strange to read your own words from the answers I’d given, together with  clearly also words from pieces I wrote on my website, so wonderfully put together by a stranger, that I almost couldn’t believe it was all about me and my life with Ramon and our furry friends. It was just as if I read a beautiful piece about someone else. Someone, I would be curious enough to take a look at her website.

I felt so honored. So humble. That someone, a complete stranger, would make the time and effort to write my story, and accompany it with many of my drawings. I just couldn’t believe it. For me, this is something huge. I was…no,  AM so proud of myself. Where I once didn’t dare to show my work, started a website due to Ramon his persistence and positive stimulation, got more and more convinced of my talent every year, up to a point where  I share my passion with complete strangers, this is such a huge compliment.

I had to iron away my emotion before I could reply the email. When all the T-shirts and blouses were done ( Ramon is now so happyyyyy), I replied with all my gratitude.

I couldn’t wait to tell Ramon when he called he was on his way home. ‘This needs some celebration! I will get a bottle of wine on the way home!’ he said cheerfully.

So here I sit, a bit rosy on the cheeks of one glass too many because I finished the bottle on my own. Still feeling so happy, even though Ramon totally crashed down after his one and only glass of wine. But it made the perfect time to write down my happy feeling, so I can fall asleep after I let Malha take her last bedtime pee, without thinking of a thousand and one things because I am still so exhilarated.

So goodnight, and take a look at my interview with the wonderful creators of Hiro and Wolf.