It was late in the afternoon, and I was driving to the park. While I was driving, I was thinking about what to write about today. We have been swimming this morning, and I had a funny thing happening, which I could tastefully tell about, but didn’t have any pictures to accompany it. Many thing crossed my mind, but I was not yet sure what the subject was going to be.

Until the story presented itself.

I was almost there, when I heard a loud sizzling sound coming from under my mobility scooter.

A flat tire.


mobility scooter


And a fierce one I dare say. Within two meters my wheel rim scratched the street. I really hate when this is happening. Because experience tells me this is going to take a while. I called the emergency hotline, only to hear they are closed on Sundays. Then I called the workshop, only to answer a voicemail leaving my name and number.

20 minutes later I was called back, by a shady voice with a foreign accent, telling me I have to wait two to four hours until he can come to help me.

Well then, two to four hours it will be.

I called Ramon, and thank God he picked up the phone. He was taking a very sound asleep nap. He came over to walk with Kuzco, so I could wait for the repair man.

The shady voice called me again, but this time to ask for the exact location I’m at. He told the customer before me, to wait, because my matter was more pressing. The shady voice suddenly became a nice foreign voice. Within an hour and a half he arrived, and I really had to put my prejudgment aside.

It was a really nice guy. I now could understand him better, than when we talked over the phone. He fixed my tire, and even inflate the other two tires to the right pressure. Yes, I had to wait a while, but this was the nicest repair man I ever had the pleasure to meet.

While waiting I had the most worst things to say about the service, and was about to write all my complaints in an angry email to the company. But all my complaints vanished into thin air, after meeting the repair man. So maybe I will still send an email to the company, but this time concerning the good man, and his excellent feel for customer service.