I was looking through the pictures Ramon made yesterday of our walk through the dunes with Kuzco and Malha. I had written a new story about Kuzco and Malha their tail this weekend, and I knew there would be some great photos of them to use for my drawings.



While I was looking, I was amazed at how big Malha already looks. Only her tail suggests she is still a puppy, but apart from that, she really is a dog-dog.



She is 16 weeks old now, and every day we are more and more blown away by her sweetness. She still acts like a puppy, even though she wants us to believe she is a real big girl. We get to relive all the things we already experienced with Kuzco. But this time, in a totally different way. We are so much more relaxed, that everything we experience is so much more intense, because we give ourselves the time to enjoy it. Not being so stressed out of wanting to do everything perfect. Or freak out by every burp that seems out of place, and already know most of the quirky stuff we didn’t know what do with when Kuzco was growing up.

I could even laugh about the first thing she broke. This weekend she had put her teeth in the miniature dynasty staircase that is attached to Kuzco his dog bed. We had been away a little too long for shopping, and because she is clearly in her teething period, she was starting to munch down one of the banisters. Admitted, I had to repress a deep sob when I first saw the splinters scattered around the dogbed. I was still so proud of Ramon his hours and hours of work he spend on it creating it. But after a minute or so, I could only feel compassion for the pain her teeth are causing her, and laugh about it, simply because it’s not unfixable or something, just a few hours to spend being artistic with putty…..



Lots, and lots of putty….

That’s all…..

And because we were so relaxed about it, and were more worried about Malha rather than totally freaking out by the material damage, we could see her very first two missing teeth.



While I have three canines and two back teeth from Kuzco, I can’t remember having actually seen the teeth missing. I can remember though, the stuff he wrecked, because I could only be angry at the time for the things he broke. So this time, we took pictures of it. As we now do of everything she does….



We simply want to document all the stuff she does, how she is growing, and the small changes she is going through that you usually take for granted. Because we really miss not having so many pictures from Kuzco’s first year, but only having the memories. And now we have the opportunity to do so, together with Kuzco evolving as a real responsible (wink-wink) doggy.




A second benefit from shooting all those pictures, is having the greatest documentation of the movement and anatomy of a Cocker Spaniel e-verrrrrr, to use for my future drawings.

….Clapping hands from excitement….

Aaaaaand back to the drawingboard.