Today turned out to be daddy-day.

After we picked up Kuzco from the dog groomer, it was all clear that Kuzco and Ramon were like two peas in a pot today. Kuzco’s hair was just as short as Ramon’s. Totally biker ready.

Then they dropped me off at the doctor, and in the meantime they would hang out together. They went to the beach and played, and Kuzco swam, and they romp around some more. I was amazed how only this tiny moment could change so much in Kuzco’s behavior towards Ramon.

The last few weeks Kuzco ignored Ramon, he didn’t want to cuddle anymore, and kisses were only given after several demands. I told Ramon he should interact more with Kuzco, but with work overloading, and other stressful events, he was just too tired.

When they picked me up from the doctor, the whole energy inside the car was bright and happy. When we were home and walked upstairs, Kuzco even waited on each level to give Ramon a kiss as well. And when we snuggled on the couch together, Kuzco wanted to cuddle with Ramon.

I don’t believe the saying ‘a dog’s love is unconditional’. It certainly isn’t in Kuzco’s case, that much has proven today.