bag of flowers


I just don’t know what to write about. I have been so tired these last three days, that I just did what I had to do, and then only sleep.

Today is supposed to be the gym morning, but I had to cancel it due to the exhaustion. We have a birthday party tonight, and I really want to be at my best for Ramon and the birthday girl. So logical conclusion is to cut my activities short, to spare energy.

I know that’s the best choice to make, but the last three days were so mentally stressful, I could have used the time in the gym well.

The family matter ended as well as it could be, but will be an ongoing story for a while I think. Somebody is ill but doesn’t want to believe it, and still doesn’t. So dinner was nice but frustrating as well.

I had to go the pharmacist twice due to delivery problems, to the GP, and two days later to the hospital. That was yesterday. I went alone, a nice occasion to test my fixed mobility scooter. It was the nicest weather I could ask for, to take my test drive to the hospital. Cold, but sunny, a perfect combination to take deep refreshing breaths along the ride, and let the sun boost the level of my Happy/Calm bar. I was a little nervous, so when I saw my mother waiting at the entrance of the hospital, I was even happier. She brought beautiful tulips, a little ray of sunshine for the house. She knew I would probably be way too early for my appointment, so she decided to come and keep me company. It all fit together; The beautiful colorful flowers that now were in my bag, the small talk we are most good at (and I so enjoyed, while waiting to keep my mind off), and the warmth that came from the sun and from my mother’s hart. Time passed quickly. Before I knew it, the biopsy was taken and stitched, and I was making new appointments. We kissed and hugged each other goodbye, and I went home to sleep next to my beautiful, beautiful flowers.