I could so get used to not having seizures almost all day, every day….

During our holiday, just to be able to push through a day doing all kinds of fun stuff, exhausting stuff, and absolutely way too much stuff, in my case, I doubled the dosage of my medication. It’s okay for short periods of time, like once in a while, but I have pushed the limit this time.

And even though I know I shouldn’t, at least for this long a time, and I know this will only advance the degradation of many organs, it was so hard to return to the normal dosage.

Every day I could use an upcoming event as an excuse to postpone the day.

The day; where the first two days feel like my dying days. To adjust to the normal dosage again, means experience every (normally) suppressed seizure triple its strength. And makes usual days at a minimal of twelve seizures, at least 30 seizures a day.

But I promised myself that my birthday would be the last used excuse, and then I would start life as usual.

So Monday, Tuesday, and the better part of Wednesday, were my dying days. Almost unbearable pains in my head, way too many seizures, and simply exhausted of going through one after the other seizure. But Wednesday in the afternoon, the storm of seizures subsided. And while I still felt horrible, and extremely tired, I wanted to have a picnic with Ramon and the doggies in the park.



There was going to be an open stand-up music event in the park from 17.00 till 22.00. So I made a simple dinner of salad and bread, and strawberries for desert. Coffee, tea, water and wine would be enough liquid to pass the time. So off we went when Ramon came home from work.



It was a lovely time. It was still rather muggy, so even when it became utterly dark in the park, it still was nice to sit in the grass, and later at the Tearoom’s terrace.



It didn’t mind, me still not feeling too well, because all we did was relax on a plaid, and cuddle. The doggies were running around or played with the children who were there as well. The only thing we regretted was not bringing our camera with us.

We had a good laugh over an Elvis Presley imitator. He was the first to enter the stage. He played his part well; he walked like Elvis, talked like Elvis, dressed like Elvis, even the famous Elvis lip was there. But when he started to sing Dutch children songs and kept swaying his hips….

It just completely diminished his act….

A couple of teenagers who brought their instruments with them, entered the stage soon after, and they were just wonderful.

It was such a nice, relaxed evening after three horrible days. I survived them again off course, and life as usual has started again.