I love it when I am waked by the rays of sunlight that gently kisses my sleepy face.

Then, when I open my eyes, and see our room covered with the most wonderful warm yellow light, and already hear the birds tweeting their song, I don’t mind to get up and run outside with little Malha to empty her tiny puppy bladder.

When the morning dew was making our feet wet, and I simply felt the softness of the still cold morning air touching my skin, telling that this is going to be a beautiful spring day; all kinds of ideas are starting to emerge what I wanted to do today.

And the immediate feeling of wanting to draw arose. I couldn’t wait to eat my warm bowl of oatmeal with cinnamon, accompanied by a large cup of hot coffee to start my day.

I called my mom to have our weekly chat, and when we hang up, I prepared my puppies for their first joined ride in my mobility scooter to go the park.



It was the most lovely time, sitting on our favourite bench watching Kuzco and Malha play together.



I could already imagine the upcoming warm sunny days spend together with Ramon and our puppies, lounging with a bottle of wine and some divine snacks, to watch the day goes by, and our puppies becoming tired.



When I got home, my body hurts as usual after an activity, so I rested for a while. When I woke up, I still felt the wonderful happy feeling inside as I felt this morning when I woke up. And I still felt the urge to draw.

There is nothing more wonderful then the first moments of preparing myself to draw.



I install my place at the table where there is the best natural lighting. I place my sketchbook and my wooden box of drawing materials in front of me. I open the box and smell the faint scent of pencils and aquarelle paint which I so love. I select my brushes I want to use, and fill my favourite glass with water to thin my paint.



And then I am ready to start.



I always  feel happy and so loved, when Kuzco acts as my muse, and keeps me company while I draw. But this time I felt double the joy, when I saw two doggies act as my muse and stayed very close to me to channel their energy. I felt so serene, and happy, and I knew this was going to be a successful working moment.



I had to stop when my hands didn’t want to hold my pencil steady anymore. But it didn’t mind. When I looked at what I had completed, I was satisfied. It really was a successful time of drawing. I was glad I finally got draw, and feel this good about it.