5 Nice and quiet days ahead…. I hope…

After spending a whole week in my bed, recovering from our amazing time in Paris, you would think I would hate this upcoming week to spend mostly inside, but I don’t.



Malha had her surgery yesterday to correct her cherry eye. The surgery went well, and Malha turns out to be a real Wonder Puppy. We are so used to Kuzco, whom always is so very pitiful, and convinced he is breathing his last dying breath, whenever he is the least bit out of balance. But Malha was already jumping against the bars of her bench, making her high pitch scream-barking to upset the entire recovery room at the vet, when she just barely opened her eyes from her sleep, to come and take her home.



She looked terrible this morning,



even worse than yesterday after the surgery.



But she is just as energetic as always, and really réally hates her comfy-cone. But where she was super irritated yesterday evening, because that stupid thing around her head, made it impossible to even chew on her favourite bone, let alone to scratch that horrible itch away, the amazing thing happened this afternoon, when we were napping together. Kuzco crawled under the blanket, to take his well-earned nap, from worrying about having to look at the recovering cone Malha is wearing. It is just so very upsetting to look at you know….  Malha jumped onto the bed holding her favourite bone, and when she let her body fall onto the cushions next to me, I had to laugh at her ingenuity. She twirled the bone around in her cone, just until it was stuck between the inside of the cone and her mouth. No paws needed at all, it seems.

She is the total opposite of Kuzco. We really have to get used to this. Kuzco, thank God, is doing much better. He hasn’t walked like a walking rainbow for a week now, even without his painkillers. But he sure likes to be carried up and down stairs still, if it’s up to him. But Malha finds a challenge in everything, thus hitting every step of stairs with the edge of her cone while she is bouncing to get outside.

She has to keep a slow pace for five days to ensure her eye heals well. Minimum walks, leashed only, no jumping, running, or playing. I wonder if she can make it through, because she is already bursting out of her skin.

So it’s a good thing I am still not quite myself. Big sores on my tongue as deep as craters on the moon, because of a crushed immune system due to overly exhaustion. Total relax mode is coming easy on me, so I hope my relaxing aura will be of great influence on Malha her energy these upcoming days, and make her eye heal up nicely.