I thought I could push through, and just ignore the pain and exhaustion. But when I woke up this morning, I could cry. I couldn’t move my head, and with every step I took, it felt like heaven pushed my head to the ground, like a foot crushes an ant.




This was not going to be my day. Ramon wanted to go for a ride on his bike, and I really, really, didn’t mind. I wanted to spend the day alone, take a little rest, hoping my seizures would subside to a level that would be doable for now. I didn’t feel like inflating our air matrass again, so I settled for a flat cold bed and tried to sleep some more.




The weather was great! I woke up with a clear blue sky, and the sun soon came to make it the perfect day. I got up, watched the photo’s Ramon had send me during a stop, wore my wonder woman bikini, and sat next to the tent, and enjoyed the peace and quiet that surrounded me. I hoped some of the superhero stuff would rub off, so I would feel a little better than I did this morning.

And it did…. Off course.




It dropped to a level I could manage again. When Ramon returned from his ride, he took me to the lake. I so much wanted to take a swim, but didn’t dare to on my own. The moon was already shining his light upon the water, so it felt rather chilly without the sun warming our bodies.




But it felt so utterly romantic, to swim in quiet water, all by us lonesome. We didn’t stay long, but it was the most perfect moment. Something I will keep in my heart. I asked Ramon to film it, so I will catch a frame from it, to put it on the fridge. My little happy Zen moment, to remember every time I walk by.




We took a hot shower after it, and enjoyed the evening outside the tent with a little wine and  whiskey, watching Ramon his photos from his ride.






I’m okay now, so tomorrow I want to see more of Italy and enjoy the company to its fullest.