high heels


Manic Clean day. I have learned to stop my compulsive cleaning disorder, and taking it very seriously. I practically don’t clean anymore… At least, that’s how it feels to me. Instead of everyday with a toothbrush, and not having the energy to anything else, I clean once a week. And big chores once a month. And now I have time to do lots of other things. Nice, fun and enjoyable things.

There were a few big chores on schedule, but really didn’t feel like it for over two months now. So I really am getting the hang of it. But today suddenly everything got on my nerves. Monday is a waiting day. And double the waiting today, because my mobility scooter finally returns. So it was a good day for a miniature spring cleaning. Sun was shining, it was still cold outside, and had to wait for the deliveries. So manic clean day it was.

I knew I wouldn’t have any energy left once I was done, so I wanted to make the best out of this day. When I was ready to start vacuum cleaning, I put on my high heels, to make it into a calves workout. I did a good job. My calves feel pumped, the house is clean, got my medical food and my mobility scooter, and I looked pretty while doing it.