Well…. That was something different…..

Because of the Crohn’s Disease, I am familiar with an endoscopy. The dreadful two days before, and the procedure itself. Although I had forgotten how terribly, terribly, gross the bowel prep actually was. I immediately understood why you have to finish it within an hour by taking little sips at a time. I started with three big gulps holding my breath in the meantime, because it was like I sucked the ink out of a chemical fruity scented ballpoint. Not even a little diluted from taste, even though I had to mix it with half a liter of water. But I really shouldn’t have done that, because within minutes my stomach felt like a shaken snow globe. To be sure I would keep it down, I sipped as told.

Phase two was at 03.30 hour. I was so tired, I had barely slept. Thousand little visits to the loo, a sore butt, and two rolls of toilet paper later, I settled myself on the couch, watching Castle, with a hot water bottle against my belly, plaid tucked all the way up to my nose, lit some candles for some ambiance, and chewed on a sandwich with some apple syrup after each sip, like it was chew tobacco, to get rid of that horrible taste. And then continued my runs to the loo.

Once in the hospital, everything felt the same as every other time I went through this, so I kind of felt like an old-timer. Seeing the familiar faces of the nurses again, catching up how everyone’s doing, following the routine, lying in the same bed with the same view outside. It was all ok.


I didn’t go completely under, when they gave me the anesthetic. This was something I hadn’t experienced before….and quite frankly, don’t ever want to again.

I felt everything, and it hurt like hell. Most likely because of that, I got three seizures during the procedure. The nurses were great. They calmly talked me through, and they got the job done, even though I most likely, didn’t make it easy on them. They took some tissue sample, and then they took me to the recovery room. I still couldn’t close my eyes, but half way through the day, I could certainly feel I was not myself. I was fuzzy and wobbly, and the seizures kept coming as participants of a marathon.

I finally fell into a deep sleep, when Ramon lay next to me. Covered with all my furry friends and Ramon beside me, I woke up with a smile.

My belly hurt like hell, I could barely move my head, but I was happy. I couldn’t wait to get a proper meal.

Ramon suggested to get a take out. Chinese. Off course that goes out, exactly 2 minutes after I finished it, but it is comfort food. And I could really use a big dose of that. I love Ramon so much for understanding. We snuggled on the couch together, watching a movie. I felt so pampered, so loved, so nurtured. This is the good part, of two horrible, horrible days.

Now I’ll just have to wait two more weeks for the end results.