Mother’s day has always been a celebrated tradition in our family. When we were little, my sister and I struggled through the amazing breakfast in bed, balancing on a tray with all eyes focussed on our self-made presents we’d created at school. The croissants were replaceable, our DIY not! The song we were supposed to sing for her, was sung the whole day through in at least 10 different variations made up on the spot.

It was fun! And because it was a tradition, you always got to hear the words ; ‘Just wait till you’re a mom yourself… ’ And I honestly looked forward to it.

But it was never meant to be. And that’s why I want to share something of my amazing mother. Each year on Mother’s day, when I open the mailbox, there is a handwritten postcard send especially for me. In my mother’s handwriting the card reads; ‘To the amazing mother of Kuzco and Malha. Big hugs and paws from us dear mommy.’

I have kept them all, they hold such a special meaning to me. My mother, sending her daughter, who technically isn’t a mother, the most wonderful and special postcard…. A card that makes me feel happy on mother’s day, besides being thankful for mine off course, but not feel the tiny little sad pinches when I see all those happy and proud little children giving their best drawing ever, and making their best effort to show their sweetest side. I only feel the happiness, and a little bit like I really am a mommy.

So this card will be kept and stored with the other cards I have received throughout the years. But first it will stay on the fridge. My box of light, my happy memory board, that makes me feel good about myself, and happy each and every time I walk by.

Thank you momma, for your ever endearing thoughtfulness, once again.