My sweet little Benjamin.

I’m still waiting for the vet’s call to come pick him up. Last Friday we went to the vet because Benjamin doesn’t seem well. I am convinced that is going on for the last half year, but now it’s gotten worse, and even Ramon noticed the change.

Last Friday the vet could only give Ben a painkiller for the weekend, and today we had to bring him for a full examination. We had to drop him off early in the morning, and ever since, I am pacing up and down the house. I can’t really set myself to do anything, but wait for the call to pick him up again.

Benjamin is my source of worry. Ever since he was a kitten he has a cold, or is being under the weather. But the last few months he is just getting skinnier by the day. Having a very, very healthy appetize, but not adding one ounce to the scale, unlike Jools. She too has a very healthy appetize, but she does gain the weight. So on many occasions, when Jools is sunbathing or anything, I will slip Benjamin something extra to eat. Just to ease my ‘Jewish momma’s’ mind.

But now my little Benjamin is still at a place he doesn’t belong. At the vet.

I want him home.

I want to hear the words, ‘he will be fine.’ Maybe change his food, or give him some medicine, but then he will be fine for many years to come.

Still no call….

I hate waiting….