stripped staircase

As soon as Ramon left for work again after two weeks of hard work to finish the third floor, I started renovating all the staircases. I wanted to paint the first mouse that was so clear in my head. I wanted a mouse hole somewhere on the staircase, where a little mouse opened a door. A long time ago, I had seen some work on the internet of an American artist. He made street drawings made of chalk. It always stayed with me. I wanted something just like that on my stairs and painted with oil paint.

stripped staircase

When all the carpet was removed, and the old glue and paint underneath it was stripped, I began an endless amount of hours sanding.

painted stairs

When it was finally ready for the first coat of paint, it was clear where my mouse hole with its inhabitant, was going to be. I couldn’t wait to start.

mouse hole in the stairs

I smiled my biggest smile, when I took a step back, to see how it looked from a distance. This is exactly what I had in mind.

mouse hole

I bursted into a hop and applauded to myself. And by the third hop up, I knew precisely which mouse was going to follow, and when I landed from my third hop, I was already on my way to paint the next.

I hurried upstairs to the bathroom, and as if I was doing something naughty I giggled my way up. On the opposite wall of where the toilet sits, is a heating unit. I imagined a market mouse selling fresh towels from his stand. They were so fresh even, the sheep that provided his wool for the towels, stood almost naked behind a pipe. In utter shock off course, being so shamelessly used as he was.

sales mouse

It will only catch your eye, when you sit on the toilet. It’s small, close to the floor, and underneath a heating unit.


I could only imagine people’s reaction. Sitting on the toilet, doing your thing and then suddenly, because you are letting your eyes wonder while busy, see something on the wall. Blinking your eyes a few times, because you just can’t believe what you see. And then, when done, can’t resist to bend over and take a better look what’s that smudge under the heating unit. And then return to your company in the living room with a big smile on your face.

What’s next?

Yes!!! Almost as a roar when you’re about to take over the world, I let out another Yessss!

cloakroom lady

Next to the backdoor we use as main entrance, there is a little mouse named Ella. She is the cloakroom attendant, and will take your coat and umbrella. She does this free of charge. That’s the sweet mouse she is. She just really likes umbrellas.


And in our guest room, which mostly will be used by my cousin and nieces, is a little mouse next to the bed. Escrivan is his name, and he is a minstrel. When he sees little children’s feet jumping into bed, he will jam his little guitar, and sing you a song. I cannot quite tell you if you will fall asleep because of the soothing sounds, or because it takes him for ever to shut up. Even so, he trying his best.

mount climbing

Then we have Rocky the climber. Achieving one of his greatest climbs of his life; Mount Stairserous level 3. He is a real thrill seeker.

tiny mouse

And a stupid little mouse, Edgar.

stupid mouse

He will only listen to the rumbling of his tummy. He saw a nice and cosy fire, and his belly told him to get the marshmallows to roast. Even though his mommy told him not to get too close to the fire, he was too eager, and burnt his marshmallow to a crisp.

being stuck

Fred wanted a shortcut down the stairs.

being stuck

He saw a tiny hole in the stringer of the staircase, but forgot he was the world’s biggest little mouse. And now he’s stuck. Stupid Fred.

being stuck

Clearly this house is the best place for all sorts of characters whom are dying to get out of my paintbrush. Even a robot.


He lost his legs once in a terrible accident, but found them right here in our living room. Instead of being pulled in a handcart every day, he can now walk around with is own two feet. What a noble paintbrush I have.

And even a dashing circus elephant, who was out of a job because he gained too much weight for his stunt act on a small rope. But during his daily stroll with his unicycle under his arm, feeling gloomy, he passed by our ugly mirror glued to the bathroom door. He couldn’t wait to jump up. The thick line between the two mirrors, would be perfect for this dashing elephant to continue his act. And so he did.

dashing circus hippo

There are still so many more characters wanting to get out of my paintbrush, and live with us in this beautiful house. One that is pushing to get out, is an ostrich with the most beautiful red and white striped pantyhose.  I haven’t found her the right place yet, but I’m sure she’ll be painted somewhere soon.

Dutch version/Nederlandse versie