yachts on haul


A crazy, hectic, and super cold day.

Ramon and I drove to a harbour, let the freezing wind get us refreshed and made us laugh at each other’s frozen ear chips, and watched the yachts on their haul for the winter. Nice and tight on a row, and the wind whistled an eerie song while dancing through the poles.

We were supposed to meet some people there. So we met them. And then we said goodbye. The moment in between lasted almost two hours. But it could just have been the hello/goodbye, minus the two hours. Very chaotic. If Ramon told me on our way back home, that I had a brain-freeze when we walked on the docks together,

broke my frozen ear chips, ( it actually almost did)

lost consciousness, (who wouldn’t after braking your frozen ear chips)

and everything I thought had happened wasn’t real, (very imaginary mind, reality and superhero stuff are very intertwined to me anyway)

I would have believed him.

Hell, I even would have believed him, if he said I was in a temporal flux state. I was there and I was not. (I’ve saw it happen in Star Trek….many times, it can happen you know)

So conclusion of the day…

Not visiting the docks in wintertime.

And we will have to meet the people again in a more relaxed, and warmer place.