Today is a horrible, horrible day.

I am only allowed to drink water, tea, or coffee, so no food. Tonight at 18.00 hours I have to start a Bowel prep, to cleanse the inside squeaky clean. Again at 04.30 in the morning tomorrow, and then I finally have the endoscopy tomorrow around 10-ish in the morning.

So my stomach hurts like hell, with the acid having a ball with its day off, not allowing anything to come through anymore, even a glass of water.

So it is two days already of mainly puking and pooping my guts out.

But…. I’m not alone in this feeling-sorry-for-myself-country-song, tune of the day.

I can share this horrible day with my puppy, whom is feeling just like me at the moment.

He has probably strained his neck yesterday. There is a dog in heat, and she walking the same route as we do. So Kuzco his hormones are like raging bulls, and there is hardly any fun anymore in walking Kuzco. He is adamant in collecting all of her pheromones, so his nose is either stuck to the ground, or in the air, pointing its way to any which dog, who may be just the one who’s in heat. So when his nose told him, his friend was walking towards us from across the street, Kuzco yanked at his leash to sniff her butt, only to be disappointed she wasn’t the one in heat. But he probably yanked to hard. So now he is in lot of pain, making sad little howls when he moves his head. He got some painkillers to make it through the day, but he is just the most pitiful dog, and nothing can make him smile today. He just wants to be softly petted in his neck, and be cuddled nonstop.


sad puppy


sad puppy


So here we are, two miserable friends, cuddling nonstop, covering every inch of the bed, because we haven’t found the best spot to feel happily miserable together.


This is going to be a lo-ooooooong day……. (me, prowling my lips, and Kuzco making a deep sigh with a little howl at the end)



feel good inspirational cards


It is for a good cause. So I will shuffle my deck of Feel Good Inspirational Cards, and flip one at a time, for when the feeling-sorry-for-myself-country-song starts its tune again.

Mmmmm, let me count for a sec……..

Okay, there are 52 cards (didn’t have to count, it was written on the back of the box……. But….three minutes have passed, so positive attitude towards my brainless action here)

So 52 times to stop whining…….yep……that ought to do it.

Endoscopy…. Here I come!