Here I sit by my lonesome. In the rather gloomy waiting area, waiting for an MRI. It is to rule out if my Crohn’s disease isn’t the cause of my extreme fatigue. My stomach is already bubbling loudly, even though, I have yet to drink the fluid substance that will make my bowels visible. 5 Years ago I had to undergo the same procedure, which I experienced as downright horrible. I couldn’t hold anything down at that time, either solid or liquid. So I had to drink the amount of fluid  three times in a row, because I couldn’t hold it down. I can’t remember if MRI even took place, I only remember the gross stuff, and the enormous quantity I had to drink. I think that is why I am a little nervous at the moment. I told myself over and over last night, as some kind of mantra, nothing is the same as last time. I can hold my drinks, as long as it is in small sips, and not to much in one go. But still… I have to drink it within an hour, will that be enough to keep it down?

So just waiting…. And writing a little to keep my mind off.



OK…. Bottoms up!


Nope! Didn’t make it. Nurses weren’t too happy with me.

I had to take another round, because the reflux was stronger than me. I only had half an hour, because they had forgotten about me. I felt a little rushed, so drank too fast, to still make it in time for the MRI. Second round went better  though. So five minutes before I had to go in, I was told to stop by the ladies to get the extra pressure off, since I have to lay on my stomache during the MRI. In my case, that meant I had to catheter myself five minutes before I had to go in. Never mind the rush….Thank God for  the large private rooms….

Last Thursday I got to hear from my urologist, I will never be able to stop with catheterization. This is something for life now.

Big, big bummer….

The only hope there still is, is the amount of times a day will going to be less over  time.

So instead of saving for a breast enlargement, I think I will save for a titanium urethra…

The Titanium Urethra!!!! (read with a loud heavy voice, and hands placed on hips, head tilted to the sky)  Yes! I think that would make a strong name for a Superhero alias.

Mmmmmm….. I see great opportunities….. and new spendex suits….

Now we’ll have to wait until next week for the results of the MRI, and of the bloodtests of my kidneys, since the values were not good last time. Next month I will have a cystoscopy, to see if no strange things in that area, are the cause of my extra pains and exhaustion.

One thing is for sure. I am glad somebody took me serious enough to rule things out with some tests, instead of blaming it all on stress, when I have such a huge medical history behind me.

Now to wait for the results, and the next steps I’ll have to take.