on the road


We are still on the road. We are heading to our pit stop in Germany, and already I’m having so much fun!


We stayed at our friends, Eric and Anouk, where we could sleep in a camper. The early bird catches the worm, so we woke up at 5 am, to get on the road and start our journey. It was a smooth ride. Long…. But barely any traffic jam.




At our first stop, I needed to pee. Ramon waited for me, and when I came back, I already saw a different person. His eyes looked happy. I gave him a kiss. I loved to see his bright old self again. I snuggled against him when we walked back to the car, until my right eye spotted a claw machine with DC toys in it.


‘O- my-gosh-o-my-gosho-my-gosh! Ramon…. Superman!!! Ahhh, can I? Plea-aaaase?’


I started laughing out loud, because it was just some silliness. But on the other hand my feet didn’t want to walk any further.


‘You want one? Then I will get you one.’


And like a first date, we walked, well … Ramon did anyway, I bounced, towards the claw machine, and pointed at the one I wanted. He put the 50 cents in, and like a skilled controller he dropped the claw on Superman’s butt, and pulled him up on his undies to be dropped in the hole. Light started to flash, and a terrible computerized music started to play.


You Won!!!!’ I screamed with the high pitched voice of surprise. I jumped up and down, clapping my hands. He shrugged his shoulders like it was an everyday thing. With my Superman in my right hand and my real hero in my left hand, I gazed at his beautiful face like our first date couldn’t go wrong anymore. ‘I’m having so much fun Ramon!’




When we arrived at the camping site near München, it finally stopped raining. The surroundings were beautiful.




And while I was ordered to sit and be pretty, (Hahaha), Ramon put our tent up. After a nice dinner, the guys stayed up, and the girls went to sleep.




‘ O my God, here I go…’ I thought to myself. ‘My very first time, sleeping in a tent.’




I made a selfie to send to my mother. This is really a special moment, something I had to share with someone who knows my adversity of the whole camping matter. But while I am writing this early in the morning, lying in the tent, hearing raindrops falling on the canvas, birds singing their songs, I feel nothing but pure exhilarated joy.




It’s light and cozy, not cold at all, and Ramon is tucked against me. Our safe little canvas womb. I think I am starting to like this camp thingy.