When Ramon has to go away for a couple of days, whether its work-related or going on a motorcycle trip with friends, I always go through three stages.

First one, being totally exited to be on my own for a few days. I love some  good company but I also love it very much just being on my own. I like me, we do fun stuff together! Especially together with Kuzco and Malha. And now, with the house all cleaned up with the help of my mom, I love it even more.

We did all kinds of girly stuff.



Some of which Kuzco endured with his well-known grace. Malha and me doing each other’s hair…. Me brushing her fine and fluffy hair, smooth and shiny, and mine totally licked out all of my curls and then lying on top of it to keep it nice and warm…..



Even Kuzco and Malha new shared friend Woofy was in game at many of those occasions. But the shared love is spiking of opposites. The poor soul has suffered some terrible atrocities and near death experiences along the way. For instance, being drawn and quartered, but is still alive and in one piece, keeping Kuzco and Malha happy. We’ve enjoyed the sun,

the rain,



and driving to the park off course, and never want to step off the driving thingy that brings us there….



and even had a lovely dinner on the balcony together watching the sun going down.




But then comes stage two….

And we’re all feeling a bit miserable for not having Ramon around. Still having fun off course, but a little spark is just missing in our setting. The one that plays a bit rougher than me, making you scare when you least expect it, and sharing the last bites of his sandwich when he’s done eating. With Kuzco and Malha that is…. To cuddle against, making me laugh at silly things, and just feeling the love radiate through the house when he is near. Only logical conclusion is to draw him. Simple….



So I did….



And then comes stage three.

The day he comes home. As happy as I was when he left, as exhilarated I am the moment he comes home. This time it was early in the morning. He had to leave at three am, so he was pooped when he got home. So I didn’t have to surprise him with some delicious baked stuff or something.



The three of us waited patiently not so patient. I can totally relate to the doggies. The excitement they feel, I feel as well. But where they are bouncing, barking, howling and drooling of happiness, I keep it cool. Otherwise the door would never open for him to enter…. Duh…

Aaaaaand then….. just like in  the movies, I throw myself in his arms, kiss him, and tilt my leg as finishing touch…. Or something of a less dramatic sort…..