My little bundle of joy had his yearly tantrum today.




Once a year I am the most stupid fur-mommy in the whole wide world.

And today is the day.

The grass spikes are growing strong again this season, and as long as they are still green and soft, they don’t usually do much harm. But yesterday it was national lawnmower day it seemed, so all the young, green, still soft to the touch grass spikes, are all scattered lifeless between the freshly mown grass, and already rigor mortis has definitely taken over, turning them stiff, yellow and as sharp as a bouquet of needles.




So time has come to wear the ear-sock again, so the grass spikes don’t crawl up his ears, and potentially damage his auditory canal.





Not without displaying his utter contempt towards this fashion disaster.




No-ooooooww-ooowwww. I do-oooooowwwwn’t wannaaaaa!’

This is sort of what Kuzco’s howling sound was, when he saw me approaching with the sock.

Cocker Spaniels are very communitive. They use their vocal cord very frequently.

So off course the howling talk continued.




No-ooooowoooooww, I wooooook stuuuuuuupid. They aaaaaaall make fun-o-meeeeee!!!’

To end the tantrum with a firm and deeply offended Woof!




But, off course, my word is law, so sock stays on. And to make matters worse for our dear little bundle of little joy today, we laughed out loud seeing this seasonal funny face again.

Our little Princess Leia.


princess Leia


Princess Leia