Ramon was asked to shoot pictures of the new born puppies of Maya on Sunday in the afternoon. A week ago, she had another litter, not by Kuzco, but adorable just the same.

Marja Whats-apped me when the first three of nine were born.



I couldn’t wait to see them. So I already had taken a look earlier this week, and I warned Ramon only to take pictures. Because one look, and I can hear Cruella De Vil her famous sentence come out of Ramon his mouth; ‘I want those puppies!!!!’  with spraying on the letters P off course to emphasise the enthusiasm.



It finally started to snow late in the morning, just as the weather forecast had promised. So after a very slow Sunday morning start, we went out with Kuzco and Malha before we had to go the puppies, to play in the snow.

I loved-loved-lóved to actually witness Malha’s first encounter with snow. It made us both smile big-time, even though Ramon was a bit grouchy because I ran too eagerly outside, so he couldn’t prepare the settings of the camera while it was neatly covered in a large freezer bag to protect it from the falling snow.



But never the less, he shot some fantastic pictures!



And the smile and wonder on Malha her face was priceless. She couldn’t stop making snow angels rolling on her back.



It’s funny to see what snow does to children and doggies the same. Even an old girlfriend from the block, who strongly believes Malha has a serious case of ADHD, so better to avoid or be snippy at, was smiling, running, and playing together with Kuzco ánd Malha.



We completely lost track in time, and had less than 30 minutes to warm ourselves up for a bit, and to remove the ice balls from Malha’s fur, before we had to go to the puppies.



He didn’t say it out loud, but the twinkle in his eyes when he saw all 9 puppies snuggled deeply into Maya her fur to drink her milk, said more than enough.




He couldn’t stop snapping pictures. It was a little like travelling back in time. A year to be exact.



Because everything looked, smelled, and sounded the same when Malha was born.



It’s funny how fast you forget those little things.

So when we walked back home, we looked at each other with a big smile, when Malha jumped into Ramon his arms. Unbelievable how fast she has grown, but she will always remain our little puppy I guess, even though she has tenfolded her size.