Today was a wonderful day.



I finally finished the last drawing that was needed for my story of Benjamin and Kuzco. It was a story that was written a year ago, but because so much has happened over the past year, I wasn’t able to sit down and draw.

It has took me nearly a year to finish this story. And now that it’s done, I am almost nervous to post it. As if it is something official. So when I brushed the last stroke of paint onto the last drawing this morning, I hesitated. Was I really done, doesn’t it need just one more drawing?

I made up my mind while I had to catheterize again, something I have to every two hours now.

Yes, the story was finished.

But… I will do something nice and fun first, and then post my story on the website.




I decided to bring the drawings of the two German Sheppard’s, Kaya and Yita, to the lady of the Tearoom from the park.

It was a lovely sunny day, perfect for practising with Malha to sit next to Kuzco on my mobility scooter, instead of sitting in her puppy travel bag on my lap.



She will be 16 weeks this Friday. So she a very big girl. Just as big as Kuzco, she thinks anyway. And even though the puppy travel bag is still a very safe and comfortable place to snuggle in when she is really tired, I believed it was a good time for her to get used to sit at my feet next to Kuzco.

It went great! It was funny to see her sit so proudly next to her daddy, with her little ears flapping in the wind. We went straight to the Tearoom where I was welcomed with a nice cup of coffee on the terrace. Malha immediately went playing with her now officially new best friend, Kaya. It was just lovely to sit on terrace, enjoying the sun with the oldies lying at our feet in the shade, and Kaya and Malha playing like there was no tomorrow. Even though I still will be a little nervous when I give someone their drawing or painting I made, I am starting to get more and more sure of myself. I knew they were good, extraordinary even, so I knew she would love them. But still there was that slight feeling of anxiety. How will she react?

And off course, she was extremely happy, and utterly surprised how I managed to really get their essence on paper. ‘It’s so lifelike! It really is Kaya and Yita…. Exactly who they are.’

Well, that is always the biggest compliment. So my ego couldn’t be more boosted today. It was time to get back home to do another round of catheterization. And when I was done and finished my nap with my babies, I was ready.

So here it goes……


My long-awaited story,Whatever happened to Benjamin?