joyce kleine


I printed a picture from Facebook containing all the things you need when you are camping. My friend who’s joining us to Italy, tagged my name to make me smile. They are all camping experts compared to me. I have never ever camped in my live, but I do have a strong aversion on the matter. The whole idea of a stinking tent, in which you can only move by crawling, bugs everywhere, running across a camping site with your own piece of toilet paper when my bowels are acting up, let alone having to throw up. No, not for me, I think I would hate it.


It’s a cheap way to go on a holiday, so with a tight budget you still can go to a foreign country. And Ramon always says, ‘you can’t say you hate it, if you’ve never tried it.’

So we are going camping in Italy. I’m looking forward to it, as well as being a little afraid. Ramon has arranged a camping site with a private shower and toilet, to take my worries away. And instead of using our own little tent, we have rented a tent with all the necessary accessories included. And it will be a miniature castle of canvas. One so large, we can stand in it, and even put the two bikes in the awning. Ramon really did his best effort to make it as comfortable as possible, so it won’t be too much of a shock, and I really will have every excuse to hate camping.

With each day passing by, and seeing pictures of the surroundings of the place we are going, and the funny picture my friend send me, I get more and more exited.

So that’s why I printed the picture. I taped it on our fridge. The fridge is my happiness symbol, my little light in darker times. All the things we’ve done that made me happy, proud, or feel special, I tape on the fridge. So every time I walk by, I get a glimpse of my life, and how beautiful it actually is. Something to look forward to in the worse days, and something to look back at with the grateful feeling of being able to have experienced it all.

This is definitely one to look forward to, and make me smile every time I will see it.

Oh, and to remind me to buy a guitar….

because camping, guitar…. duh