Sometimes life flips the bird on you, and it did to me the last couple of days.




Even when I wanted to make a photo of the perfect bite out of a cookie, I had to ate 13 cookies until I finally was slightly content with the right bite-mark. And the cookies weren’t even that yummy, sadly enough.

It was supposed to be a copycat Twix, a recipe I found at It sounded really nice, plus I had everything in stock except for the condensed milk.

But don’t let your sweet tooth be fooled as it did mine.


chocolate caramel cookie


It taste nothing like a Twix, it’s just a cookie with fudge and chocolate.

And if you want to feel bad about yourself, please eat a few of these cookies. I don’t know how much calories are in there,

but I think your thighs will know immediately after you had the first bite.