There is a crazy long cold that’s knocking me down. I still suffer a little fever, but I promised I would come to help my sister and her best friend, to give some pointers in painting the house.

So naturally … I went.



And I had an extremely lovely time, even though I dreaded at first because I felt lousy. But once I entered her house, and saw my wonderful paintjob from the entry, I couldn’t wait to start. I kept a low pace. I helped out a bit, which always makes my hart shine. I love paint so much, every aspect of it. I still love my old profession so very much. Even though I can’t paint anymore like I used to, I still am better than most.

So when my little niece watched us buzzing around, she really wanted to help as well. So when she asked her mama if she could join, I said; why not?

While my sister and her best friend had their doubt this would be a great idea, I knew there was nothing she could do wrong. I could solve everything that would be seen as a mistake to others. In painting, there are no huge mistakes, they only need a little more effort in making the ‘ mistakes’ right again.



So there she stood.

A little sassy four year old, helping us in painting the walls and the cabinet. She was so proud of herself. Especially after all my encouragements and praising on a job well done.

‘ You see mama, I am a big girl! I can do this!’

I love the fact that I could stimulate my little niece in believing there are no mistakes, only little accidents that can be solved if only you stay focussed. All the things I explained to her, stayed with her, and that made me so proud. She was feeling good about herself, feeling confident, and wasn’t scared to make mistakes, because she knew they could be solved, with just something as simple as swipe with a damp cloth. I loved to see her sassiness, and her little body working her best of job. I could barely contain myself in hugging and kissing her soft little cheeks, her little hands all covered in paint, and her gorgeous little legs placed as ballerina hitting those high spots she really wanted to reach ….

Because she a really big girl you know!…

Asking all sorts of questions, showing  the eagerness to learn, she became tired after an hour of really giving her very best. With her little thumb sticking in her mouth, and the other hand stroking the paint with her little brush, my sister gently persuade her to take a break. To snuggle on the couch wrapping herself in a warm cozy plaid and a nice cup of tea. After a while she asked if I was ready soon, so I could snuggle with her under the plaid, and read a book with her.

‘Please have some tea with me aunty Joyce. I think you are very sweet. Not pretty. No, not pretty at all….’ She made a little wrinkle between her eyebrows, thinking of the right words to express her feelings. ‘But you are really a very sweet aunty.’


Kids really say the darndest things… ( big smile on my face)

Really??? Was this for real? Because it felt like a dream come true.

I finished what I was doing and snuggled next to her on the couch. I read a book with her, and she read one to me, and then we watched a little bit of a movie while my sister walked the dog. I felt so blessed, so utterly happy. The kind of happy that warms you right through the core. I need to do this more often. With my health failing me bigtime at the moment, moments like these are so important. This upcoming week, I will see them again, hoping it will be just as blissful as it was today. I love my family so much. With these, to others maybe, insignificant moments…to me they are just a proof of how much they mean to me.