picking pears


For two years now, around the months of September and October, I’ve been nagging Ramon to go pick apples and pears in the orchard of the Olmenhorst estate. So, it’s only logical I continued this becoming tradition, this year as well.

I almost gave up hope, until Ramon suggested we go this weekend.


Yoo-hoo! I bounced like Tigger, clapping my hands, and sprinkled kisses on Ramon’s cheek.

I immediately went through the house searching for my hat, and arm socks my mother in law knitted for me once. They would go perfectly with the outfit I had in mind for when I would go pick apples and pears. I mean, when go, go in style. I was a little disappointed I couldn’t find a wicker basket. That certainly would be a finishing touch. But Ramon managed to convince me, a shoulder bag would be cheaper in the end anyway, and would be a lot easier to carry the weight.

So off we went, without my hat, because I finally saw what Ramon was telling me for years….. it looked horrible on me.

We both had certain expectations of this expedition. Mine greatly romanticized off course, and Ramon mildly afraid there would only be 10 other people wearing goatshair socks with Birkenstocks preaching about macrobiotics…. Because who would in his right mind would pay more money for the same quantity you can buy in stores, and on top of that, you have to do the job yourself.

Both expectations turned out differently. It almost was like an amusement park. So many people from all over the world, and even more bouncing children.




But once in the orchard, it was exactly as I romanticized it. I loved every minute of it. Ramon took pictures of the scenery, and the weather was great. A little too great for the outfit I chose. But due to all the excitement, my energy ran low within moments, so it wasn’t all that bad.




We picked the most beautiful pears and apples. Ramon even lifted me up to reach the one we both agreed on, was the most perfect shape and color.


perfect shaped pear


We drank pear juice, and Ramon ate apple-pie, as we took a break between the pear and apple picking. Sitting in the sun, enjoying this moment to the fullest.


joyce and ramon


After two hours of strolling through the orchard, I had two bags filled with apples and pears, each weighing 10 pounds. My mind was running like pigs in a mud bath…. All the things I want to make, using the pears and apples. I could almost taste everything that passed through my mind.






Once we got home, the first thing I needed to do, was to defrost the freezer. So it would be clean and I can use it again to its full potential, because I will need all the space there is. And off course…. Make the first pear tarte, to celebrate our wonderful day of ‘hard work’.


pear tarte