Just like a football player, I have done everything in the right order, not to jinx the outcome.

When I woke up, I let my left foot touched the floor before I stood up. Brushed my teeth, shaking my head beginning from left to right. Got dressed, and did everything again with full focus not to mix up my left from right.

…..That wouldn’t be the first time you know…..

Everything went smoothly.

I decided to wear Hal Jordan/aka/ The Green Lantern today. Never hurt to have a little superhero to back me up. And I want to stick to my memory list Ramon and I made, so I can use a little Will-Power to remember what my goals are, and make it happen.

I always wear something of Flag Nor Fail, so this time I will take my bright yellow pea coat. To stay reminded that I shall not flag nor fail in what I am set out to do. I will do my utmost best today. And stay bright and positive.

I will bring my memory list as well. I feel rather calm at the moment, but I know I will probably get nervous once we arrive at the hospital. So it will be a good mnemonic device.

I’m ready.

I’m all dressed, I’m still calm, and waiting for Ramon to come home.

I’m so glad he is joining me to this new venture.

With all my crazy superstitions, he will keep me grounded. I know I could do it all by myself, but I’m so thankful he is going to be by my side. It makes me even stronger than I am already.


I will take a big cup of chamomile tea, and take a couple of deep breaths….

I can do this…..

Something is going to come out of this….


It will not be in vain….

I shall not flag nor fail…..