What a perfect day! I couldn’t wish for anything better than this. I woke up with a bright morning sun, and…


a slight downer…

a cat puking all over our bed.


that couldn’t put my happy feeling down, and after cleaning it, ( will be throwing it in the laundry as soon as Ramon wakes up), I went down through my usual morning ritual.

Then we went swimming…. At least that was our plan. But it seemed more like an obstacle run for the Ninja Warrior race. After swimming up, over, under children, and tossing away huge rubber doughnuts, and put our deflector shield up when we past the terrible stinking water-bouncer for flying kids landing as loose cannons, we became more and more annoyed. Where there is supposed to be two lanes for lane swimming only, and the rest of the pool is for recreational swimming, kids were acting like fruit flies, they were e-ve-ry-where!

So after our obstacle race for half an hour, we were done. And every child that was crying in a nagging way, we wanted to trample and ‘accidentally’ push into the water. But we got a hold on ourselves, and just left.




When we got home, I took a hot shower, warmed up, and cuddled with Ramon and Kuzco, until we decided to go to the park. We packed our bags bringing, wine, glasses, water, a bowl, a plaid, and our camera. Sat down on our favorite bench, and enjoyed the sun, the wine, Kuzco, and each other.




It was the most perfect day. We laughed so much, cuddled so much, and kissed so much. And not to mention the endless time of throwing the ball for Kuzco. I can’t wait for all the warm, sunny days to come, where we can copy/paste this day on all of them.

Story of the same bench I wrote last year, park bench