Just in the nick of time. Ramon purchased a lottery ticket for tonight’s draw. I have a good feeling about this one. The last two numbers happen to be the same as a house number of a lovely house that’s for sale near our home. Who knows…

A subject for a new story popped into my head. So I’ve had a research day. Sounds way more interesting than going through 1000’s of photo’s to find the ones I was looking for. Spend half a day, but I found them. And immediately made a start on the first drawing. My head is full of phrases and pictures. But I’m not quite sure if I will tell a story or make it a nursery rhyme. So instead of hitting a dead end, while I haven’t even started yet, I will just draw.

I also finished painting the last layer, of what will be the foundation for the design of the clogs. I love the smell of paint, it smells so clean and new. I know the subject is Moto GP and Ducati, but who, what and how the clogs are going to look when they are done, is even a mystery to me. Ramon will make the design, and I will paint. But for now, the paint has to dry, and the clogs can look pretty, while I draw the pictures for my new story.


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