I am so angry right now.

I hate it when I have to make a wise decision instead of doing what my heart wants. I hate my body today, for failing on me. I hate that the choices I made in Italy, makes me feel like I’m being punished for doing so.

I settled for a week of recovering. Then it became two weeks, plus an kidney infection, for fuck sake!! Excuse my language.

I so much wanted to go to the gym tomorrow, but my fever is still up because of the kidney infection, and everything still hurts like hell. I got new and stronger antibiotics this morning, because the other one didn’t do its job as well as it should be.

With a little luck, I will feel much better in the morning, but still it would be wise to give my body time to heal.

It’s been to long since I have trained. I feel like a tiny flat little pancake. And to add more drama to it, a tiny flat little pancake, covered with weak-sauce, past the expiry date…..


And….. I hate my attitude right now!


gym shoes


I seriously have to get my act together. ‘So get off of the couch, and take off your gym shoes, God dammit! It’s just plain stupid to wear them under your pajama’s and bathrobe, just to mope around feeling sorry for yourself. Pull it together woman!

Okay, I will again, make myself a ‘help-my-kidneys’ cup of tea with goldenrod…..

And then drink it…..

Or first sip it, cause, hot….

And then…..

Be a little happier.


Because I like myself better when I am.