It took exactly 33 hours for Malha, to recover from her operation. It was like the light had been switched on. I couldn’t believe my own eyes. We are so used to Kuzco, whom is dying a thousand deaths when something is wrong with him. But the only thing that made us remind Malha had a surgery, is her recovery suit.



Her energy is unstoppable. She wants to run around and play so badly. The only time you notice she’s still not completely well yet, is when she jumps from joy. The moment her 4 little legs are in the air, she lets out a tiny squeak of pain. But it is impossible to keep her from jumping. She’s just so full of energy, she’s about to explode. And to think she has to stay calm for three more days…..


So yesterday Ramon had the greatest idea to do something about the excessive energy. While she physically has to stay calm, mentally we can stimulate her with mind games until she is physically exhausted.



It was truly a wonderful idea. Both Kuzco and Malha were super exited what was about to happen, when the living was emptied and turned into a course.



They had to stay put at each their own pawn, and wait while Ramon filled my fabric samples, and a snuffle mat nose-work blanket with tiny treats.




This way, without putting stress on her wound by active games, she still would be tired from using her nose and brains to satisfy the intellectual curiosity.




Not only Kuzco and Malha enjoyed themselves, but Ramon and I as well.



We all smiled our biggest smiles. I can’t wait to use it again tonight, at playtime after dinner.

The Game of Snuffles.