We went to see the Warcraft movie. Ramon managed to be home early, and we both were eager to go, after our early dinner.

Boy, did our drive to Alkmaar, what supposed to be a 20 minute drive, turned out to be a disastrous 1 hour and a half. And we arrived 15 minutes too late.

It almost seemed like a quest we had to finish with frustrating obstacles and even more frustrating fellow players during the course. Like I said, we were 15 minutes late, but just in time to sit down when the last trailer ended, and the movie started.


wow movie


Ramon was still in a temper of our misfortunate drive, when I poked his side due to the excitement that rushed through me when I saw the huge letters of ‘Blizzard’ appear on the screen. His big dark brows rested with a heavy frown on his 3D-glasses. But I was stoked!! I couldn’t care less anymore, we made it. And finally we could see our favourite game come to life.


joyce kleine exited


It was everything I imagined it to be. The detail, the story, the special effects… and the eye candy called Ragnar Lothbrok of Vikings. Off course his real name is Travis Fimmel, but I like him best as his character in Vikings. And his role in Warcraft as Anduin Lothar, could just have been Ragnar Lothbrok, only in a different outfit and a different setting. The movie would even been better if Lagartha from Vikings played Garona the half-orc, but that’s just because I have a girly-crush.

During the interval, Ramon’s mood had brighten up, and we enjoyed a glass of wine while discussing all the impressive details resembling the game.




Although the movie was great, the best part was driving home. I love how Ramon knows every name of every important character of every race, and tells about its history as if he wrote it himself. He has played the game from day one when it was only Warcraft, and when it became World of Warcraft, I sat for many hours by his side, watching him play with his Night Elf Warrior character called Baaltjes. I even became an enthusiastic player myself, and managed to level my Human Warlock called Minnuette up to level 85. For me, that was huge, because I only liked fishing, and was terribly insecure when I had to play in groups to get better gear, or to level up.




We both quit playing for a while now. My account has been deleted, but Ramon his account is still active. We talked about the time we played together, and how I miss playing it sometimes. I played this game when my health was at its worst, and it set my mind off, like nothing else could.

So maybe I will start a new character again on Ramon’s account. Just to go fishing when my mind wants to go blank for a while. Maybe with the new expansion coming soon, Ramon is ready to play again, and I can sit next to him and watch him play.


to play or not to play….

the movie was really great, and I can’t wait for a sequel.