It was a terrible week. I was unable to make myself sit to

write or draw. Hell, even clean house for that matter. I got myself to iron some shirts, fluff the pillows when I woke up in the morning, and walk with Kuzco.

But that was it. So insanely tired that at some point I thought I would faint every time I walked.

Not good.

So I went to the GP. I was desperate.

Because I couldn’t point my finger on the source. I told my GP my problem, and told him that I waited this long to go see him, because I wasn’t happy in the way he treated me. It gave me a rash when I decided to tell him, but ooh, how I am glad I did.

Two days later I had to return to get the results back from the blood test. And this time I couldn’t believe I spoke with the same man. I kept thinking, ‘pinch me, pinch me…’

Because finally after a very very long time, he now took the time to listen, shared his thoughts on the matter, and showed interest. He even remembered my illness, (something I always had to remind and explain), and asked if I would pay him a visit after I’ve been to the LUMC to keep him apprised of the situation.


Pinch me, pinch me!

But, sadly, or rather frustratingly enough, the blood test didn’t provide any answers concerning my exhaustion.

So Monday morning I will call my Gastroenterologist on my GP’s advice, and hopefully she can help me.

But bad times can never only be bad, there is always some good to balance the scale a bit.

And that good happened when a neighbor from across the street shared her concerns when we met walking our dogs. She saw me a few days back. She noticed I wasn’t looking at my best, and wondered if she could do anything to help. It was so hart warming, and made me feel so happy. Ramon will have to travel for a week in a few days, so I gladly took her offer when the time comes.

Today I made some minor preparations for tomorrow. Friends of ours are coming over to discuss details of our joined holiday to Italy in June. So I made lasagna, and bought all kinds of deliciousness in an Italian delicacy store we have near our town. Tomorrow will be another good something to offset the physical bad. Good food, good company, and making plans for Italy.


italian delicasy