I really hate waiting. Especially when there is no estimated time of delivery. Just be there, you are chronically ill, so you have nothing better to do, or something like that. Well, for very shortsighted people, this may be true, but I do need to sleep, and besides that, I would really like some sort of time indication, period. So after many calls, I learned that my medical food was on the way, and that I just need some patience.

Very, very, deep inhalation…..

So back to the drawing table. Finally I made some progress. It took me ages to get to this point, to only have 1 drawing left to draw for my new story. Or at least it felt like it. Family stuff, the pain in my hands, the tiredness, I let everything get to me. I was aggravated about it and myself. Up to a point that I just didn’t felt like drawing anymore. But I held on, only in a much much slower pace than I wanted to. And boy oh boy, the times I had to snort very loudly till ten, because of all the ‘happy mistakes’ I made, as Bob Ross would call them. I have to admit, I have torn a view expensive papers to pieces. Nothing happy was happening there. Sorry Bob.

But back to the drawings. Very productive day. Finished one that needed some final touches, and even drawn one after that. In my mind I only need one more, but I haven’t written the story yet, so anything is still possible. I hope to write it down this week, so I can put it all together and make it come to life. It will be a story of my ever most favourite.