It was a busy, but wonderful day.




We had a photoshoot with Kuzco and Maya. I saw a post on the Country Living website, with a dachshund couple expecting puppies.  And I got stoked. I really wanted to do this as well, but I didn’t know how Marja would react to this level of silliness. There are so many people judging the way we treat our dog. ‘A dog is an animal, so treat it accordingly!’

Although I respect this opinion, I like to do it differently. But just to be safe, I made a tie and bow for Maya and Kuzco, instead of the married-couple-outfit the dachshunds were dressed in.  I went through the roof when Marja agreed on the photoshoot, and even made a beautiful veil exactly like the post from Country Living.


happy couple


So there we were. In the gardens of a historical mansion here in Velsen, sun shining, frost still covering the leaves on the ground, three happy doggies bouncing around two women carrying a bag full of props, and a camera. I had baked cookies earlier that morning, to use for Maya to sit still. Not thinking of the level of yumminess, which made Kuzco only see the bag of cookies and did every trick in the book, but sit and look at me.




The third dog who joined us, Dushy, photobombed as an expert, and all the other dogs that walked through the gardens, suddenly lost their owners, because they were here, trying to steal the cookies  from Marja’s coat.


happy couple


Still I managed to make some great photo’s. But the time I spend with Marja and the doggies, was even greater. I laughed so much that I didn’t even feel how much my hands hurt from the icy cold. Even when I had to pick Kuzco from out of the pond, because he thought he could walk over the thin layer of ice that covered the water. He proudly walked away from us when I gave him a cheer on his job well done when I shot the last picture, when suddenly there was no Kuzco anymore. It clearly didn’t mind Kuzco at all, because he shook himself ‘dry’, and went all tough and flirty, playing again with his two lady friends.




After a nice hot cup of tea afterwards, I went home, and quickly wrapped my DIY presents I made last weekend, to bring to the party later on.




We were invited at my sister’s dear friend, to celebrate Sinterklaas with each other. I have known her for quite some time, but ever since the loss of my brother in law, she and her husband have taken my sister, nephew and niece, under their wing. Being so amazing, wonderful, warm, and loving. I have never in my life had the privilege to know a friendship such as theirs. These last few weeks, I experienced it from up close, and I truly love those people even more. I have become a huge fan, and it even feels a bit like family.


zwarte piet




So with the party being great surrounded by loved ones, and the photoshoot being great, spending time with Marja and the dogs… I can truly say, this was a good day.