Kuzco and Joyce


Where could Kuzco be?

Behind a tree?

Kuzco, Kuzco, where are you?

Even Ramon came searching too.


Ramon behind a tree


Then they found him running and jumping and playing around.

And boy o boy, Joyce then made a terrible sound.

Oh no,


kuzco having fun


You are playing in a mud pool.

He looked up with a happy face full of muddy drool.

Come on then,

I will count to ten!

We will go home and wash you clean.

I told you to stay on the grass that is green.

You naughty boy!

But still Kuzco was still full of joy.


kuzco muddy


Until they got home and he noticed Joyce wasn’t kidding,

He stopped grinning.

O dear, he saw his greatest fear.

The shower and shampoo were ready to use

He had to go through it, there was no excuse.


kuzco clean



When he was all clean and wet

Joyce dried him off with the softest towel she could get


kuzco bathtime


Then she put his pajamas on so he stayed nice and comfy.

Kuzco his belly rumbled, he was so hungry.




I have made you something to eat.

It’s veggies and meat.


kuzco brushing teeth


Then we go brush your teeth before you go to sleep.


kuzco toothpaste

And you can cuddle with Jaap the sheep.

Goodnight sweet Kuzco, dream away.

Tomorrow is a brand new day.


kuzco sleeping