Something great has happened last week, we bought a 33 year old side-car.

And to tell you about it, I wanted to tell a little history behind it. I had wrote a piece some time ago, where I expressed my wish in being able to ride a bike again with Ramon. So when I translated the piece I wrote during the time we thought I wouldn’t make it, I read it over to see what needed to change.

Omg, it was everything, it was depressing the frell out of me. I certainly made some huge psychological steps forward along the way. So deffinately spare you on that one, and just tell you a lighter version.

It came down to this. I was really sad, angry and desperate, I didn’t want to leave Ramon just yet. It felt so unfair to see and feel everything slipping away from me, while I so much wanted a little bit more from life then it gave me.

I wanted some stability, to be able to enjoy the simplest of things, not even asking for the impossible of being healthy again. I wanted to enjoy the company of my love a little while longer, enjoy his kisses that makes me feel I am the most beautiful person in the whole wide world to him, welcome every new grey chest hair he gained with the warmest smile, and ride our bike together again.




Only this time in a side-car instead of racers with smashing outfits that matched. So I would be safe when having a seizure. Sitting next to him with our little dog aside me, with his ears flapping in the wind, and me catching drops of drool comming from his everlasting happy face, with the biggest smile.

That seemed so out of reach at that time, that I almost spoke those words as a prayer, full of hopes and wanted believes.

Few years later, I’m still here, and mentally stronger than ever, making one of those hopes and dreams a reality. So we bought a side-car, a beautiful golden oldie, carrying a lifetime of history and stories on it.

This year we are gonna ride it, and enjoy the happyness it gives us, together with this piece of rough and marked steel. This is another moment I count my blessings in granting me a time of stable health, checking off another item of my bucket list.