‘Malha-Malha-Malha!!! For the gazillionth time, stop pulling so hard on your leash!!! You are such a naughty dog!’



Malha woke up with a start, when her dream ended with Ramon being very angry at Malha. It made her feel so sad. She was dreaming of the walk they made together that same afternoon. Malha was so happy Ramon took her for a walk, that she just couldn’t contain herself. It is so much fun outside. Nice smelling grass, branches, twigs, and funny shaped balls called pinecones to play with. People everywhere, which means head-scratches and new dog friends everywhere!

Must. Hurry. Now. Ramon!



But Ramon wasn’t amused. Even worse, he used his scary heavy voice, and didn’t gave her kisses and hugs when they came home. She was send to her dogbed, to cool off.

Cool off??? She didn’t understand. It wasn’t hot at all. And she just wanted to share her exhilarating joy of facing all the wonders of the outside together with Ramon.

What an awful dream it was. What ever could she do to make Ramon just as happy as she is when they are outside?



And then she knew. She thought of her dear friend Molly, she met in the park. Molly is just a little bit older than she is, and Malha looked up at her. Molly is huge, and she has the same colors Malha has. Black, reddish brown, and a little bit of white. So they are practically twins. Molly is sweet, and gentle, but likes to play just a little rougher than pretty little girls ought to do. Malha was convinced Molly could be her big sister. Maybe Molly could tell her what to do to make Ramon happy again.

So the next time Malha and Molly met in the park, Malha asked Molly for help.



‘Oh yes, I know what you are talking about. When Ramon takes you out for a walk, you are supposed to walk beside him with the leash hanging loose. When Ramon tells you to sit down, and separates the leash, then you can run and play and act silly.’

Malha scratched behind her ears. ‘Do I really have to walk that slow? But I want to have fun!!!’

‘Do you wish to learn or not? I can help you to learn to follow, it isn’t all that bad you know.’ Molly gave Malha a nudge which made Malha tumble. ‘Come, first we play.’ Malha was laughing loudly. It was just so much fun playing with Molly.



And while they played, Molly held her leash at Malha. ‘Come try and take the other end of the leash.’ Malha still thought they were playing, so she ran after Molly laughing and growling.



When Malha had the leash between her teeth, Molly made Malha run next to her. Still Malha giggled.



This was so much fun!



When Molly stopped her pace, she told Malha to pull as hard as she could.



Off course Malha couldn’t win. Molly is so much bigger and stronger. But Malha felt so happy. She let go of the leash, and walked beside Molly.



‘You see? Just see it like it is. Playing together, not only to make you feel happy, but also the one you’re playing with. Then they want to play with you even more!’

Molly was wise. She was absolutely right. This was a lot of fun. And it wasn’t all that bad to follow.

So when it was time for puppy school again, Malha felt confident. She so much wanted to show how much she had learned from her friend.



Ramon stood before Malha, and smiled. Are you ready for school today? Please show me the big girl I know you are. You can do this my little dragon!’ Ramon cuddled Malha before she took off her backpack. Then gave her a big kiss, and off they went.

And you know what?



Malha proudly followed Ramon with the leash hanging loose. And both of them were so happy that learning new things at puppy school, wasn’t all that bad and hard. It was just the same as playing together.


Read this story in Dutch! (My first translated one!)