looking up

‘That could be the right spot, I think. It’s way up high, just like heaven is supposed to be. And that’s where I need to be.’

Jools looked at a chair by the window stacked with pillows.

‘Maybe Spooky is home, and he can come play with me. I miss him so much.’

She climbed the mountain of pillows, and nestled a nice spot where she could sit and watch the sky.

princess and the pea

I don’t get it, where are the little windows you are supposed to see. The sky is clear blue, and the sun is shining, why don’t I see?’

She waited a long while, and still no windows. She dozed off in the warmth of the sunlight, and when Benjamin was looking for her, she woke up.

‘What are you doing all the way up there Jools? Didn’t you hear dinner was served?’ Benjamin pushed the wooden staircase near the chair to climb all the way to Jools. ‘Aren’t you hungry then?’


‘I am staying here. I’m watching the sky to search for Spooky’s window. When I know which window he lives in, then we can see each other again, and maybe play.’

She waited, and watched, waited and watched.

And when the sky turned black she finally saw the little windows. ‘There are so many, which one is Spooky’s?’

She gazed at all the stars, one even brighter than the other, but she couldn’t find Spooky. She felt tears coming up. Would she really never ever see Spooky again?

But then something happened. One of the brightest little window opened. There he was! Spooky was really in heaven, and owned his own little window.

star in heaven

‘Spooky! I missed you so much! It’s been so long since we played and cuddled. Can you come out and play with me?’

Spooky smiled. ‘I can only come and play with you when you are fast asleep. Then, in your dreams, we can do anything you want. But for now, I can be with you, by looking through our little windows.

When you miss me, just look at my window, and when I’m not busy, I will come and open the window, so we can talk.’

Jools was so happy she finally got to speak to Spooky. But now she really wanted to go to sleep, so she could run, and play, and cuddle with him in her dreams.

Just like they used to.