Charlie’s quite an entertainer.

And for the true actress she is, she needs a stage to perform.

And what a perfect stage she did find? High above the ground, so the audience can see her clearly. A soft floor for when drama is needed, and a perfect acting partner who listens to everything you say.

After the overture came the applause. This was the moment to stand on stage and welcome the audience.

Thank you for being here. Me and my friend Jaap are going to perform for you.

thank you

It was a great night. She played everything you could think of.

She played a funny girl. Made silly faces and even did some pantomime.

funny girl

She put on her dancing shoes for a musical act.


She even went on to do costume drama. I could swear I almost saw a little Shakespeare.


do you hear it

And then there was the show stopper. It was beautiful! The whole audience was convinced of her fair play. Together with Jaap she played a tearful drama. So much happened, and then…. Then she fell to the ground and died. Slowly…. Dramatically. Everyone held their breath. Was it really true? Did Jaap really give her a bottle of poison?

theatrical death

For a few seconds she stayed on the floor… But then she pushed herself up and laughed.

Tadaaaa!!! It was all an act! It wasn’t real.

just kidding

The crowd went wild. The prolonged applause went hand in hand with laughter and cheers.

As a true actress, she held Jaap in her arms, to make a bow and thank the audience.

charlie and jaap

Flowers were thrown at her feet. Theatre is in her blood.

taking a bow

Thank you all!  You’re a wonderful audience!

Dutch version/ Nederlandse versie