it's a bird

Benjamin looked up at the sky, and didn’t believe his eyes. Was it a bird, was it a plane? No, it was Jaap wearing a red large tissue. And not far behind him, was Kuzco looking rather dashing wearing glasses.

‘Why is Jaap flying and why is there a tissue on his back?’ Benjamin asked Kuzco who looked real focused at Jaap’s landing.

‘No, you stupid, that is his cape, I have one as well you see? We are superheroes, we do super important stuff. Jaap is the one who can fly, so our range to spot someone in distress is zero point one percent Joyce told me. And that sounds huge!!! So we are on the lookout. Jaap’s tail isn’t moving yet so no help is needed at the moment.’

‘Wow, how do you know all that?’ Ben asked.
‘Because I am Intellidog, I know stuff like that.’

‘I want to be a superhero too.’ Benjamin moaned, ‘how do I become one?’
Kuzco gave him his book. ‘You must read this, then you’ll know.’
But Benjamin couldn’t read, so he asked Joyce.

‘What will my name be?’ Ben asked eagerly.


Catterpillow, and Mousy’s name will be Victorinox.’

‘What is my talent Joyce?’

‘You seem to be like a pillow sometimes. It can hit and be hit by anything without doing any real damage. It moulds as needed. And nothing gets through. Yep, I think those talents work perfectly for a superhero. Mousy will be your cunning sidekick. With all his leggies he has multiple tools at hand. So use him well.’

Benjamin cuddled Mousy, he was so happy he could be a cool superhero too, just like Kuzco. He couldn’t wait to activate his talent, and bedazzle Jools.