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January of this year: I tucked myself deep under the covers, with my feet against the hot water jar. I had put on an extra sweater and one glove, holding one arm up from underneath the covers, to hold my umbrella high and keep me dry from the rain that poured through the ceiling.   […]


Yay!!!! Today it’s Kuzco’s 12th birthday. We celebrated it last Sunday, on Kuzco’s (and mine as well) favorite place to be; the beach. And like almost every single birthday of Kuzco we celebrated, it’s like the angels tucked away every cloud there is, in their magical knapsack, so the warm sunny rays of God himself […]


Let me begin this story by telling you, I never wanted any fish swimming in a bowl, let alone a tank, ever.   But then came Bruce, which we saved out of the pond of the garden of my mother in-law. Clinging on for life in the last bit of moist mud that was frozen […]


  Yesterday was our 15th anniversary, and we celebrated it John Lennon and Yoko Ono style. The entire day spend in bed. Even though it was not planned, this day of cocooning together was everything we needed. After two and a half weeks of recovering, and actually feeling stronger and energetic as each of those […]


I wipe the sweat off my face, and sit down on one of the dining-room chairs I just carried down the stairs. Still two more chairs and a lamp to go, and then everything I put in storage on the attic last Friday, is back where it belongs. It didn’t seemed so much work on […]


  Ever since we started fixing the office space from a very bad water leakage, my creative mode had been turned on again.     Especially when we decided to make a workspace covering the washing machine and dryer.     Ramon suggested it would be a perfect folding space and the shelves above will […]


Ever since we received an invitation to attend an 12.5 years wedding anniversary party, I was looking forward to go. Exited even.   I knew exactly what I wanted to wear when I read the dress code. The bride would wear her wedding dress again, and it would be fun if all the married women […]


Last week I got the results back from the colonoscopy. I know I should be happy the results turned out to be exactly as I told the doctors from the beginning, because now I finally got something that makes me feel better soon.   But I am not. I am angry.   Angry for not […]


    We went for a little ride on the sidecar, without the doggies. I had filled a bag with snacks, coffee and rosé for a picnic. The weather was good enough for a ride to the beach, and just chill out on a blanket to enjoy this beautiful day.     I just love […]


It was bliss. Complete and utter bliss.     Angel was coming for a sleep over, and all week long I was planning and scheming. Recently she is crazy about horses. When she asked a while back if I had any books that contained horses, I was all smiles when she sat on the floor […]