beware my power


Maybe I have to revise the kind of superhero I feel related to. Instead of the Green Lantern with the power of will, to the brute strength of the Hulk. Both are green, so maybe it’s even logical.

This revelation came to me, after I wrecked something that wasn’t even supposed to be able to. I had a mouthpiece made at the dentist, because I push my jaws together so hard during a seizure that eventually I brake my teeth. They had to repair 3 again last month, so a mouthpiece would reduce further damage. I would only have to wear it at night. It was completely save, it would stay put during seizures, and it was made of a hard synthetic material, so it would last a lifetime.

7 Days, that’s the time it took for me to bite it in two. One little piece broke off, and ended up, hopefully somewhere at the end of my digestive system.

Maybe I slightly overdid my mind-muscle connection mantra ‘I command you to grow!!’ from CT Fletcher, and this is proof that it actually works. But really… did it have to reveal its power of mind-control by breaking my mouthpiece? Luckily they are making a new one, but different, so this one should last. I think I will only use this mantra when I am in the gym, cause having excessively strong jaws is rather useless, unless my aspiration is to be like Jaws in James Bond ‘The spy who loved me’ off course.

Nope, not attractive in any way. And come to think of it, I won’t have to revise my kind of superhero at all. With the power of my mind I control my muscle, jaws included, so Green Lantern can stay. That’s cool, because the Green Lantern Corps oath is so nice to say out loud with a deep voice. Especially in the supermarket, when someone pushes me aside to grab the last stick of butter.

‘In the brightest day, and the blackest night,

No evil shall escape my sight.

Let those who worship evil’s might,

Beware my power…Green Lantern’s light!’