Meet the characters

SpookySpooky is my dearest and oldest cat friend. He passed away a while ago, and I still miss him terribly. He was a cat with an attitude. A boss, a leader, a king. He was our first companion, and he melted away my fear of cats. Our house was his kingdom, no doors were allowed to close, except the front and back door of course, ‘cause that was the doorway straight to hell, he decided. When the whole lot was together, he truly carried out what his purpose in life was; rule over his kingdom and subjects and do as little as absolutely possible. And always, always be the first and foremost for hugs, kisses and petting.


BenjaminbenjaminBenjamin is a bit of dumb silly cat. I blame it on the fact that when he was a kitten, we absolutely were convinced that he was a girl. So naturally I bought all kinds of girly stuff for him. A little bling-bling collar, lots of cute little scarves, and of course we named him Claire, as in Claire the cow, because of his black/white coloured fur. He truly went through an identity crisis when the vet told us he was a boy. He was shocked, and so were we. It gradually broke his spirit, and a few brain cells. But all that was beneficial for Spooky, so he could play him like a puppet. But even though he was played by Spooky, he took his job as personal attendant very seriously. Until Jools came in to the picture, and became madly in love with her. It was then, that he realized his status wasn’t high enough to a successful courtship. Driven by sadness he often tried to obstruct Spooky, but he just wasn’t smart enough. And those lack of brain cells didn’t help him again when Spooky passed away.  Jools still doesn’t love him as much as he does, but fool that he is, will do any and everything for her.


KuzcoKuzcoKuzco is a red hair English Cocker Spaniel. He came into my life when my husband and I found out I couldn’t have children. So he is my baby I will never have, our little toddler. Off course he’s the cutest, sweetest, prettiest, and cuddliest dog in the whole wide wold… at least to me. And he’s special. Special in a way that he somehow detects my seizures. We wanted to educate him to be my seizure dog, but eventually had to give that up due to the huge amount of costs. So he doesn’t know how to warn me, but when I have a seizure, he will sit by me, and put his head beneath my chin, and stays there till the seizure subsides. I call him my little Florence Nightingale, because he always want to help me, and take care of me. In between, he is a happy, naughty, nosy, and a very smart dog. But he also can be like Jekyll and Hyde. Especially when it comes to grooming. He absolutely hates grooming, so he will do anything to avoid it. He has a stuffed sheep called Jaap, which is his best friend forever. He shares all his thoughts and emotions with him, ever since he was a puppy. We bought Jaap to be Kuzco’s companion in his way too big of a dog bed we made for him, so he wouldn’t feel all alone in the great big world. And to this day, he is still Kuzco’s favourite stuffed animal.


Juliana / JoolsJools
Jools was a stray cat. During one particular summer, when we would go for a late night walk with Kuzco, she appeared from out the bushes and followed us around. We noticed that she didn’t had a home to go to, so we took her in. She loved all the attention and good food. Even so, the first year was hard for her to adapt, because she so desperately wanted to go outside. But that of course, was a no go, seeing that hell was behind that door, according to Spooky. After that year passed, it almost seemed, she received an official welcome to the kingdom of Spooky, because he finally allowed her to lie next to him. Jools was very impressed by Spooky’s status, and did her very best to stay near to him, but her affections stayed unanswered till his death. She did, and still does to this day, on the other hand, receive the deepest love and affection of Benjamin. He is head over heels with Jools, but Jools doesn’t return that feeling. She just use it to her advantage.

She is a real lady, beautiful, graceful, always grooming herself, and her nails click like high heels on the floor. She is full of herself, and if she had a human voice, it would probably sound like a high handed posh. But she has a soft touch, and she loves to take care of everyone.


Bruce a.k.a the HulkbruceBruce is a goldfish. Also a rescued soul. He almost was frozen to death in a drained pond. I think he got a little quirky from that whole ordeal, or maybe the pond was poisoned with some superhero in the making stuff. Because, first of all, he is huge. He is about 8 inch long. And he is a gentle soul, he just swims about, enjoying his view from his fish tank, bus suddenly he can explode in a rage, and demolish everything in his sight. Entire shipwrecks moved from one side to the other, bridges turned upside down. And he really goes berserk, when he sees his food flakes being sucked through the filter system. So even the filter system isn’t save from his anger. But like I said, he is a gentle soul, most of the time.