new born


Little Angel turns three in a few days. Time flies by so fast. Where she was just a happy little baby, full of smiles and funny faces, she now is becoming a real lady. An Anna Wintour in the making. She loves make-up, shoes, pretty clothes, glitter, ruffles and nail polish. But she is as rough and tough like her brother. Maybe even more than her brother.

Her birthday wish list was all about Frozen. So princesses and musical songs are going to rule this year, probably in company of go-kart’s and skateboards and a bit of soccer in-between. So Ramon and I will buy her a princess Elsa dress this year, I think. Because you can only sing Let it Go, just like Elsa, when wearing a same dress like her, but the arias have no limits to where they are sung. So I can only imagine you need a couple dresses in stock, for when a dress doesn’t survive a flip flop on the skateboard or a sliding in the muddy grass.


fashion girl


I will call my sister to ask for Angel her dress size. Because she is growing much bigger and faster than my head can comprehend. Everything changes, but some things remain the same.

She still is full of smiles and funny faces, and I hope dearly that will never change.