When I was still working as a house painter, my boss introduced me to the love of Italian food. He loved going to Italy, and if I remember it correctly, especially Tuscany. At one Christmas we got a gift box from my boss from a vineyard from Tuscany. I loved it so much. The presentation, the quality, all products made from the farm itself. Wine, olive oil, tomato sauce, dried pasta, cookies and honey. Along with those product came a card with their website and a cart to order yourself if you wanted to.

My love for food is as old as I am, so off course at the next occasion I ordered some products. In the nicest decorated box it arrived pretty quick from Tuscany. I was in love!



I have to admit I haven’t ordered in quite some time, because we have an Italian retailer in a nearby town. But every year they keep sending small samples beautifully wrapped in a box. So when I learned this farm/vineyard was a one and a half hour drive from the monastery, I really wanted to go and visit this Fattoria La Vialla. And I haven’t regretted it for a minute.



The farm was just as their package boxes. Beautiful, nurtured, presentation to the detail, great quality, and nice helpful people. Before we went, we were warned it might be too much like an amusement park, too big. Maybe because of the warning, and all the setbacks we already encountered these last view days, I prepared myself for the worst, but it was great. Yes it was big, but in my opinion not too big. But in all fairness, I haven’t been to any other farm or vineyard, so I can’t really compare.



A lady with a straw hat, carrying a basket, and a small apron welcomed us to their fattoria. She asked where we came from, and let us know 4 languages were spoken here. Italian, English, German, and Dutch. We could wonder about the premises, and if we would like to have a tour, we had to wait two hours for the next one.



We were here now, so yes, I would like to have tour.



We sat under a canopy, ordered a huge decanter of water and a glass of wine, and waited. We decided for me to go alone, because it would be too hot for Kuzco and Malha to walk. So Ramon stayed behind.

I joined an English couple who also wanted a tour. They had their own bio-farm, but on a small scale. They were very interested how things were going on a larger scale like this one. I couldn’t have been more lucky to have been put in the English spoken tour, because of a couple of Dutch high horses who thought they could first do something else, and that the Dutch spoken tour would wait on them.



It was so very interesting to hear how things work. The English couple asked very specific questions, ones that I know for sure, wouldn’t have asked in another group. I got more and more enthusiastic, and my fingers were itching to make some dinner using the wine, olive oil, herbs from the garden of the monastery, together with the gorgeous tomatoes I got from the lady of the monastery.



We bought a couple bottles of wine I got to taste, and I left Fattoria La Vialla with a huge smile on my face. I know I will send an order pretty soon again. It is so much more fun, purchasing good quality ingredients from somewhere you have seen the history of the making. And to relive this wonderful day, when I open the beautiful decorated box, with products I now know how they taste, instead of choosing by which label looks prettier.